What is the Natural Wisdom Programme?

The programme is a gentle journey of discovery across the four seasons, exploring the principles that underpin our lives and pointing us back to our true nature as human beings. We will more deeply connect to our natural essence and take a deeper look at our innate capacity to live peaceful, creative and fulfilled lives.

Understanding our interdependence with the whole of nature and our unique way of experiencing life as human beings, enables us to more easily navigate the ups and downs of life. The positive impact of taking the time to understand this more deeply results in an ease and balance in life that arises effortlessly as we rest more comfortably in our true nature – a feeling of being at home.

Each season we retreat for two days and immerse ourselves in the beauty of our natural surroundings and explore together, witnessing the transformations in nature and experiencing our own.

Participants can journey through the whole cycle of the seasonal year or opt to join one or more seasonal retreats throughout the year.

“The magic and power of nature is that it can stop our busy mind in its tracks and bring us into the stillness and beauty of the moment.”




The exuberant energy of spring-time, opens us up to the possibilities beyond. This natural time of new growth reminds us of our own creative potential and our capacity to have new thoughts and ideas in any moment.



We are nature. Being clear that there is an ebb and flow annually, seasonally and in every moment creates a certainty that we can navigate the undulations of life and harness its natural rhythms to support us to live, love and create our most fulfilling lives.



Autumn symbolises the balance between light and darkness, releasing and letting go of the old, preparing for the winter and creating time for self reflection. The perfect time to set our intentions and reflect on what we would love to create.



In winter we nestle in the quiet space before growth This is the time for rest and quiet curiosity, to become comfortable in the not knowing and the stillness/nothingness that precedes creation and new life.



“I’ve experienced a truly wondrous year and know my life will never be the same. Our last two days were special and really brought home the inter-connectedness of all things. ”

— Trudy Corsellis, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018


Forthcoming Dates: -

Summer Retreat - June 26th and 27th
Autumn Retreat - October 4th and 5th