Weather and Wisdom - by Clare Tanner

As I sit here and look out of my window, the garden is in bloom and full of vibrant colour and at the same time it is very wet, thundering and ever so slightly cold. I am thinking ahead to our summer retreat at Dartington Hall in a couple of weeks where last year we sat outside under the trees together exploring the natural wisdom of how life really works. It was fresh and warm and sunny and full of good feeling.

I have some thinking in this moment about whether we might be able to sit outside again this year? It was such a lovely experience that it feels like I am really attached to creating the same feeling again, for us and for our participants. Who wouldn’t be? For a while there it really looked to me like the enjoyment of those few days had something to do with being outside in the sunshine amongst the gardens!

Of course I know that it had nothing to do with that at all and everything to do with how quiet and connected and at one with myself, everything and everyone I felt at that time. How beyond the beauty and balminess of those few days, we all touched a space together, uncontaminated by thoughts of storms or thought storms! A space of awareness in which the nature around us, coupled with a sense of what was beyond our imagined reality, merged together and we each caught a glimpse of our own true nature.

Sitting here with the storm raging outside, I have dropped into that space again, just remembering the feeling of those two days. Proof again of the power of the principle of thought taking form in this moment. An essential element of our human operating system and an open gateway to understanding how life works from the inside-out.

Exploring this understanding with our participants and each other in natural surroundings is so powerful. Taking our cues from nature, knowing that we too have a natural inbuilt mechanism for wellbeing and wisdom, brings something grounding and real to our explorations. And I know beyond doubt that whoever and whatever weather shows up to our gathering this summer, we all work the same way, and those beautiful feelings are only ever one thought away.