“Wow what a journey it has been.”

“A wonderful experience with an ever deepening awareness and connection to nature and to you all. 

Being steeped in nature and the Wisdom that brings is just the best tonic ever. Thank you so much Clare and Ian for having the insight to make this happen.”

— Donna

“I already feel lighter and more free”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 days. The Insights I had today were amazingly powerful. Thank you so much for creating the space that enabled me to have these realisations. I already feel lighter & more free.

— Ann


“Thank you to Clare and Ian and all the group for this last year of Natural Wisdom. Such richness, wisdom, acceptance and support for being human.”

— Gail, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018


“We all look wonderful!.”

What a space we created in which to reflect and reveal our collective wisdom. How wonderful to experience the space within to witness our insights and to feel the presence of such love. I am deeply grateful for everyone who showed up in whatever emotional colours we happened to be wearing that season. We all looked wonderful!

— M.B.

“A loving, warm and safe environment.”

Thanks Clare, Ian and all the special souls that made our time at Dartington such a unique voyage of discovery through the seasons, truly an amazing time together.  To be able to share such depths with you all in such a loving warm and safe environment, made it such a very special place to be.  So thank you all.  

— A.B.


“Thank You”

Thank you to everyone for providing such a safe and kind environment in which to be free to relax and grow.

— J.G.

“A truly wondrous year”

I’ve experienced a truly wondrous year and know my life will never be the same. Our last two days were special and really brought home the inter-connectedness of all things. 

— T.C.


Natural Wisdom Participants - Summer 2018